NMEAremote supports a wide range of different message types and messages.
On this page you’ll find an overview of all supported messages.

NMEA 0183

NMEA 0183 is a standard for communication between marine electronics.
It uses a simple ASCII based serial communication protocol that defines how the data is transmitted in “sentences” from a talker to multiple listeners.

In short a sentences starts with either “$” or “!” as a start delimiter and ends with “CR/LF” (Carriage Return / Line Feed).
The first two letters in a sentence are the Talker ID, specifying the source of the sentence.
To define the semantic of a sentence it contains the sentence ID followed by comma separated values.
To extend the standard set of sentences there are also proprietary sentences starting with with a “P” instead of the Talker ID. (see table)

Following NMEA 0183 sentences are supported by NMEAremote:

BWCBearing and distance to waypoint – great circle
BWRBearing and distance to waypoint – rhumb line
DBTDepth below transducer
DPTDepth of Water
GGAGlobal Positioning System Fix Data
GLLGeographic Position – Latitude/Longitude
GSAGPS DOP and active satellites
GSVSatellites in view
HDGHeading – Deviation & Variation
HDMHeading – Magnetic
HDTHeading – True
MDAMeteorological Composite
MTAMean Temperature of Air
MTWMean Temperature of Water
MWDWind Direction & Speed
MWHWave Height
MWVWind Speed and Angle
NRX NAVTEX received message
PBGTTBSB&G – Polar Speed knots & Performance %
PBGTVMGB&G – Polar: VMG Upwind Angle AWA, Upwind & Downwind Heading
PCDINSeaSmart.Net – N2k Container
PDGYDigital Yachts: NavLink 2 Protocol
PMAROUTMaretron Proprietary Output Sentence
PSILTBSSilva/Nexus – TBS (target Boat Speed)
RMBRecommended Minimum Navigation Information
RMCRecommended Minimum Navigation Information
ROTRate Of Turn
RSARudder Sensor Angle
VBWDual Ground/Water Speed
VDMAIS VHF Datalink Message
VDOAIS VHF Datalink Own-Vessel Message
VDRSet and Drift
VHWWater speed and heading
VLWDistance Traveled through Water / Dual Ground/Water Distance
VPWSpeed – Measured Parallel to Wind
VTGTrack made good and Ground speed
VWRRelative (Apparent) Wind Speed and Angle
VWTTrue Wind Speed and Angle
WPLWaypoint Location
XDRTransducer Measurements
XTECross-Track Error, Measured
ZDATime & Date – UTC, day, month, year and local time zone

NMEA 2000

NMEA 2000 (sometimes called N2k) is the newer standard by the NMEA organisation.
Extending the CAN bus (used on road vehicles and fuel engines) it is a binary protocol providing a higher transfer rate or plug and play.

A N2k message is indicated by its PGN (parameter group number) to determine how the data bytes should be interpreted.

As N2k messages are binary they couldn’t be transferred easily into an ASCII based data stream as the NMEA 0183 sentences
and there is no standard to transmit N2k messages via a Wifi network.
Some manufacturers of NMEA-Wifi devices defined their own way for N2k transmission. Mostly they convert the binary data into an ASCII form and use proprietary NMEA 0138 container sentences like “PCDIN“, “PDGY” or “PGN” (to be exact PGN is mentioned to become a standard sentence).

Following N2k messages are supported by NMEAremote:

127250 Vessel Heading
127251Rate of Turn
127257Vessel Attitude
127488Engine Parameters, Rapid Update
127489Engine Parameters, Dynamic Update
127493Transmission Parameters, Dynamic Update
127497Engine Trip Parameters
127501Binary Switch Bank Status
127505Fluid Data – Dynamic Update
127506DC Detailed Status
127508Battery Status
127513Battery Configuration Status
127751DC Voltage/Current
128000Leeway Angle
128006Thruster Control Status
128007Thruster Information
128008Thruster Motor Status
128267Water Depth
128275Distance Log
129025Position, Rapid Update
129026COG & SOG, Rapid Update
129038AIS Class A Position Report
129039AIS Class B Position Report
129040AIS Class B Extended Position Report
129041AIS Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Report
129283Cross Track Error
129291Set & Drift, Rapid Update
129539GNSS DOPs
129540GNSS Sats in View
129794AIS Class A Static and Voyage Related Data
129809AIS Class B Static Data: Part A (Msg 24 Part A)
129810AIS Class B Static Data Part B (Msg 24 Part B)
130306Wind Data
130310Environmental Parameters
130311Environmental Parameters
130314Actual Pressure
130316Temperature, Extended Range

Signal K

NMEAremote is able to work with Signal K servers.
Signal K is an open source universal marine data exchange format built on standard web technologies including JSON, WebSockets and HTTP.


NMEAremote is able to connect to Expedition and handle EXP messages.

B&G – H5000

NMEAremote connects to a H5000 system and shows its values.