XML Notepad

Easy and simple XML Editor for macOS

If you are looking for an easy, lightweight and convenient xml editor, this is the right tool for you.

Editing a xml file is no rocket science anymore.
You don’t need to have developer skills anymore to edit xml files. Don’t be afraid.

Note: This is not an swiss army knife for XML.
There is no overhead with XPath and all that stuff.

This tool can open only well formed xml and it neither tells you what is wrong with the document nor repairs it.
For this puprpose you will need an expensive “swiss army knife” tool.

Just edit, rearrange nodes or create new xml documents.
That’s it.


  • Tabbed documents
  • Search

Currently assigned file extensions:

xml, gpx, kml, html, xhtml, xht, vrml, svg, mml, rss, xaml, x3d, x3dv, x3db, dae, gml, lg, xliff, xlf, ts, plist, xib, storyboard, tmx, ts, 4dlink, cfg, dbk, wsdl, xsl, xslt

If you are missing or like to have some additional extensions assigned, please contact me.