zapfware – Michael Zapf Software is a One-Man-Show driven by me: Michael Zapf

Born in 1968 I had my first programming experience 1984 at high school.

But first – as a youngster – I wanted to be a rock star and producer and worked several years as a freelance audio engineer after graduating the SAE Berlin (School of Audio Engineering) with diploma in 1992.

Unfortunately I had no luck with the music business and started to work as a professional skipper and sailing instructor in 1996.
Simultaneously I studied naval architecture and had my first job as an assistant for software development.

I realised that this worked out better for me and started in 2000 my third career as a full-time software developer in a corporate environment.

At least I founded zapfware – Michael Zapf Software in 2003 and since then I’m working as an independent software developer.

My focus was always on programming client software and UIs.
I think good UX-Design (User Experience Design) means always to minimise user’s confusion.

In my early days of corporate programming one of my managers says:
eat your own dog food – use the stuff you’re developing
Good lesson.

In 2010 I started iOS programming and as a senior iOS developer for several agencies and customers with “big” names it was challenging to implement nice and intuitive UIs.

So here I am today. Sometimes working as a freelancer to refresh my wallet but mostly being on fire with my own projects and pushing them.

As this One-Man-Show I will do almost everything by myself: the software architecture, coding, texts, graphical design, some marketing… and of course the project management.

Ok, marketing could be better but my resources are limited and I prefer to focus on improving my products.

If I’m not sitting in front of a monitor, I will be either playing drums or piano or you can meet me on my sailing boat.