THE swiss army knife to handle NMEA0183 & NMEA2000 data. 

NMEAconnect can connect to almost any NMEA source using TCP/UDP, BLE, internal/external GPS, Simulation or Logfile and act as an NMEA server/bridge due TCP/UDP.

With NMEAconnect you have:

  • support of NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 or SignalK data of almost any device
  • a simple setup with preconfigured sources plus versatile configuration options
  • all values ordered into clear ‘Modules’
  • a NMEA multiplexer, hub or switch
  • a server/repeater to forward NMEA messages to other devices (some NMEA-WiFi gateways are accepting only one client)
  • a server of the internal GPS Position as NMEA data to an external device 
  • a MQTT broker, client or gateway
  • ‚unlimited‘ NMEA log (also when running in background)
  • nmeaconnect:// protocol to provide NMEA data to e.g. a Filemaker database
  • background updates
  • a visual indicator for NMEA activity
  • Environments to handle different setups
  • Message-Rules: Block, Gate Time and TalkerID for each NMEA sentence