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NMEAremote iPad

Relax more, sailing with the marine-App for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Entertainment and navigation at sea have never been so much fun. Now your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can connect to your ship’s network and navigation system and give you all the important information quickly and easily in your hand.

Whether it is navigation data, wind speed or water depth, your new crew member “NMEAremote” shows at a glance everything that you need to know. 

Be mobile and connect your iPhone to all your NMEA devices over WLAN with a NMEA/RS232 – WiFi converter such as “Miniplex-2Wi“, “iMux“, “iAIS“, “Go Free” or a computer with the appropriate software. 

See the list of supported devices and NMEA sources.


  • NMEA 0183/2000 compatible, combine with any marine network
  • Alarms: Many preconfigured alarms (e.g. Anchoralarm) either showing a popup, coloring the display or playing a sound
  • multifunction display
  • bold, easy to read displays
  • easy to use chapter and page control
  • Favorite Pages
  • Page Roll
  • several Display themes
  • ‘unlimited’ NMEA Log
  • visiual indicator for NMEA activity
  • outdated values will be dimmed and at least reseted
  • Rules: Block, Mask Time and TalkerID for each NMEA sentence
  • independent configurable units for speed, distance, depth, wind speed
  • iPad fullscreen & iPhone 5 support
  • Race Timer with laps
  • Multitasking / Fast App Switching
  • Connection Log
  • Waypoints/Routes & MOB functionality (GPX&KML import)
  • NMEA Server (e.g. Web Server, Relay)
  • Environments (different NMEA configurations)

Extras (In-App Purchse):


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