Keep the overview of body temperature, medications and other events during an illness.

Particularly in winter you often come down with a cold. Sometimes the cold is attended with raised temperature – worst case with fever.

Not only a bad cold, also a number of other diseases come along with fever and need a quick treatment. Particularly children incline to fight against illnesses with fever. 

If you go to the doctor, it is good to know the exact course of the fever, because according to fever pattern and other symptoms the doctor can diagnose faster. 

Above all, if several members of the family are ill at the same time, you can keep the optimum overview with your fever diary.

With FEVER you grasp simply and intuitively:

  • Temperature and fever measuring zones (mouth, ear, arm, forehead or rectal)
  • Medication and dose (e.g. Paracetamol, 1 tablet)
  • Events and condition (e.g. headaches, vomiting)
  • Notes

Other features:

  • Fever and illness adjustable for several people
  • Easy representation of the temperature curve by means of graph
  • Direct comparison to previous measurements (arrow and value)
  • Directly representation of fever classification
  • Support for Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • PDF Export


  • This program is not a substitute for a doctor’s visit! With fever a doctor needs always to be consulted!
  • Neither the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch nor this App is able to MEASURE the body temperature! (e.g. Breathing 2 minutes into the microphone is neither usable nor precise)