What Users Say

  • You have such a great app.  I also have iTac-Tic, NKE, MIDI and iRegatta and I can say I find yours works the most reliably and is the easiest to use so
    far.  Also your prompt replies and efforts are the best by far…….. keep up the good work!! – Jason/Australia
  • Your technical support is outstanding! – Rick
  • I think is a great and flexible app after test mostly rest of the similar apps. – Felix
  • I’m using this with the iMux. Easy setup, easy usage. Hidden behind the virtual displays is an extensive range of features and custom controls to tweak alarms, screens, etc.  Great app, great value. – wmz_bluenose/Customer Review Netherlands ★★★★★
  • Using it with Airmar PB150 using RS422-TCP converter connected to ICE mobile broadband, and it works excellent. – Risvaer/Customer Review Norway ★★★★
  • Really good app, after RS422-WLAN setup it gives you wind,wind-direction, depth, etc etc. Nice to have when checking for wind shift, is the boat moving into more shallow water? A must have if you want to have access to all information steeping away from the plotter. – Gungner/Customer Review Sweden ★★★★★
  • Easily set up with SeaSmart.net connected to the ship’s wifi. Works great on ipad and iphone so far (just installed, haven’t hone cruising yet!) I would recommend it to anyone who wants remote access to their NEMA data! – vollumc/Customer Review USA ★★★★
  • Recently made extensive use of the app, both on iPhone and iPad on a two week trip around Bonin Islands. Used a Latronix WiBox transmitting NMEA data via UDP. Worked flawlessly. The main use was to have the ability to be in one’s bunk and see what was going on topside when off watch, or just coming on watch. The alarms were also helpful in making sure we didn’t get lazy with what sails to have up based wind speeds and angle. The author is one of the best developers I have come across in terms of willingness to work with users and incorporate feedback or make slight adjustments. Look for updates, as the developer is constantly improving the app. Get it if you are on a boat with wifi and NMEA data, you won’t be disappointed. – WindnH2O/Customer Review USA ★★★★★
  • This is a great and very polished app. I’m using it with the global cache wf2sl wifi to serial converter which is much cheaper than the marine units. – S/V Starry Night//Customer Review USA ★★★★★