Import and handle polar diagrams.

With the ‘Polar’ feature you can import Polar Tables via csv files / iTunes File Sharing or directly from ‘iPolar’ and display the performance values.

Polar Screenshot 1

Polar Screenshot 2

Following formats are supported:

  • iPolar
  • ORC Speed Guide csv export
  • Any csv file (comma, tab, point, semicolon or space separated) with TWS columns and TWA rows.

The available values are:

  • Target Speed (& Percent)
  • Optimum TWA/VMG
  • Beat Angle/VMG
  • Gybe Angle/Run VMG
  • Tack

As the polars are based on true wind conditions the appearant counterparts are also accessible (Appearant Gybe/Beat Angles).

Further the ‘Target Speed Percent’ value is shown in a horizontal bar below the speed display.
The same for the ‘TWA to Optimum TWA’ below ‘AWA’ & ‘TWA’.

Polar Screenshot 3
Last but not least all these angles were also shown in the analog wind views.

Polar Screenshot 4