NMEAremote 2.0 Update

NMEAremote Update 2.0 available at the AppStore.

Besides bug fixes and improved performance it contains the following new features:

  • New sliding menu
  • New improved TCP/UDP connection handling
  • Connection Log
  • Extras (In-App Purchase): Display Editor, NMEAServer, Environments
  • New Sources: GoFree™, Bonjour
  • Alarm: ‘No Fix’
  • Turn: changed to difference BTW & COG

Display Editor

Define your own display layout with the ‘Display Editor’ feature.
This includes adding, editing chapters and each page of a chapter.
Select one of many predefined grids and define each property.
Last but not least you can define your own themes.


GoFree™ Support

Connect to Simrad or B&G GoFree™ devices with Auto-Discovery. No need for configuration.


The ‘NMEA Server’ feature provides server capabilites to send NMEA data out of NMEAremote.
This includes:

  • Send NMEA data back to connected NMEA Sources
  • UDP Server
  • TCP Server
  • Web Server

Further with the ‘NMEA Server’ feature you can provide your NMEA data to other devices running NMEAremote, iNavX,… regarding the problem that most NMEA-Wifi gateways are accepting only one connection (Repeater function).
With the Web Server you can provide the data to all connected devices running an internet browser.


This feature supports managing different NMEA configurations.

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